Estimates Are Useful, Just Ditch the Numbers

TL; DR: Estimates Are Useful, Just Ditch the Numbers Many people dislike estimating work items as estimates supposedly open the path to the misuse of velocity by the managers, reintroducing Taylorism, micro-management, and excessive reporting through the backdoor. To them, for example, the proponents of #noestimates, estimates conflict with basic ideas of agile product development such as self-management, becoming outcome-focused, […]

3 Simple Recruitment Practices to Make Your Hiring Process More Inclusive

Inclusion has been making waves in the corporate world, convincing more and more companies to tackle diversity, equity, and inclusion head-on. Taking that deep dive into this more inclusive office culture is definitely important in the road to a better and more unified world. However, when the approach doesn’t mirror the vision and the policies, everything can fall flat. Though […]

I Am Still Worried About Discovery Before the outbreak of COVID, I was concerned that too few brands had a clear strategy to drive discovery and trial in brick and mortar retail. Distribution gains would come, but the actions that get the product off the shelf were expensive and inefficient. Further, a lot of money was spent online to drive eCommerce sales. Young natural product […]

Crowdfunding As a Funding Source For a Startup

GeniusMaker / Pixabay The founder of a company not only needs to study the market well, come up with an excellent business idea and understand how to generate income with its help but also find money to launch a project. There are various options for raising funds, each of which is associated with certain consequences. In the late 2000s, a […]

Connecting With the Transactional Alpha Exec

You dread your meetings with Joe. Joe’s 100% transactional. All business, all the time. You feel rushed when you speak with Joe. And you don’t know how to stop the alpha-train. Worse yet, you’re a person who values relationships. You know that everything in business works better when you have built a rich relationship with a colleague. A reciprocal business […]

Get the Benefits from Disagreeing at Work

People vector created by pch.vector – One of the most important competencies expected of leaders today is the ability to navigate and engage in disagreement. Yet, many leaders struggle. They either handle it poorly or don’t handle it at all. A few do it well and lead their teams through productive conflict. Unfortunately, this isn’t the norm. The good […]