Are Your Business Listings Sabotaging You?

Many small business owners pay little or no attention to their business listings across the web. That can be a big mistake. BrightLocal Conducted an in-depth look at the impact of business listings Among their conclusions are some startling ones: 94% of consumers have used a business information site ro find information about a local business in the last 12 […]

4 Proven Strategies to Attract Top Remote Workers

Recent years have seen a rise in the demand for remote workers. So, in an effort to attract the best talent, many companies are including remote work in their benefit packages. You should consider a variety of different benefits when building your package, however. We will discuss four proven strategies to help you attract top remote workers in this article! […]

Call Volume Forecasting: Predicting the Future from an Unusual Past

Call volume forecasts are inarguably an essential tool in the successful delivery of customer care excellence. Your program’s forecast is the map that tells you where to go based on where you’ve been. Without it, you’re lost at sea. With it, you’re one significant step closer to delivering an exceptional customer experience. But customer care volume forecasting typically relies heavily […]

How Poor Communication Strategies Widened the Corporate Productivity Gap

Despite investing heavily in digital solutions at the start of the pandemic, many business leaders are seeing productivity losses within their organizations. With economies around the world re-opening, they are now looking at the future shape of their workforces. The downward productivity trend after initial gains at the start of the pandemic is a common story. However, a few companies […]

How to Write a Compelling Job Description

Job descriptions are the new landing pages for recruiters. These short copies may not look much, but it’s your foot-in-the-door to get more applicants and, ultimately, the perfect fit for the position that you’re trying to fill. It should be well-structured, enticing, and has all the relevant information that a job seeker would want to see for them to click […]

3 Types of Protection for Business Ideas

What’s the best way to protect a small business? Usually, I answer by saying a good place to start is through incorporating or forming an LLC entity structure. However, you can’t use a legal formation to protect business ideas. The best way to protect original business ideas is by filing for the appropriate form of protection: trademarks, copyrights, and patents. […]

2 Future-Proofing Components to Protect Your Growth

Ever wish you had a crystal ball to see the future and plan accordingly? More effective than a crystal ball, future proofing is the process of anticipating what the future might bring, in order to minimize the potential downside of future events. And it is one important way to protect your growth. Many companies already employ scenario analysis and predictive […]