Keeping Your Best Employees During the Great Resignation

Now that restrictions around the pandemic have loosened, companies are asking employees to resume working from their offices again. But the result is not what’s been expected. Instead of returning, droves of highly skilled workers are quitting instead. This widespread event has been given the name ‘The Great Resignation’. As a business leader, it’s critical for you to know what […]

Your Old School Management Practices Are Dooming You To Failure

When it comes to running a business, what I have noticed is that while many founders are progressive with the technical aspects of their business ideas, their understanding of how small businesses operates is quite retarded and based on many industrial era concepts that have long outlived their usefulness decades ago. The science involved in business management practices has progressed […]

3 Key Small Business Marketing Steps

Photo Credit: Deagreez for Getty Images Pro Marketing needs to bring in more money than you spend on it, which I why I stand behind 3 key small business marketing steps. Many thirsty marketing consultants give small business owners a list of expensive options and tell them they have to spend money to make money. You do need to spend […]

Build vs. Buy: Which is Right for Your Business?

Product leaders often believe it’s cheaper to buy software than build it. But that’s not always the case. You don’t need a large development team or outside capital to build your own software from scratch. Whether you decide to build or buy, the technology you adopt must align with your business goals. In this post, we’re sharing a build vs. […]