Top Java Web Application Technologies to Learn in 2021

Java needs no introduction. Almost every person worldwide acknowledges Java’s potential in web application development. With Java, one can easily create highly secured and dynamic applications. Whether you wanna be a developer yourself or need a web app developed by an experienced Java developer, there are several technologies involved that you should know about. But, what is a web application? […]

Understanding Challenges & Mitigation Process to Software Testing Roadmap

The idea of digital transformation and the growing need for improved technologies have increased the pressure of launching high-quality products into the market. Thus, products need to run through numerous rounds of testing to ensure that any defects/issues identified during the tests can be fixed as soon as possible. With the rising demand for high-quality and error-free products, the future […]

Types of Spamming

Picture the most annoying, intrusive digital spam you’ve encountered. In all likelihood, you’re thinking of unwanted emails. These can be frustrating, but they are definitely not the only types of spam. In reality, spam can strike every digital presence imaginable, ranging from blogs to social media. And yes, it remains a huge concern for email, where it gets in the […]

7 Ways Business Intelligence (BI) Will Revolutionize Your Organization in 2022 and Beyond

Data analysis helps put your company ahead of your competitors. The use of business intelligence involves taking all the information available, processing it, and analyzing it at a rapid rate a human couldn’t achieve without the help of artificial intelligence (AI). In a recent study by 360Suite, researchers found 26 percent of all organizations are already using BI. As businesses […]

LaaS, PaaS, CaaS, IaaS, FaaS, and SaaS

Introduction As technology develops, new variations of cloud computing services pop up. No two services are the same, but they share similar characteristics. Most importantly, they all exist in the same sky, ready to be accessed by the people below. Before using the cloud server network, we need to ask some questions first. What are Cloud Services? What ‘clouds’ are […]

Japanese Crypto Exchange Robbed of $100,000,000

Recently, cryptocurrency exchanges, the place where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the Internet, have been under active and successful attack. In one case, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange called Poly Networks was robbed of about $600 million’s worth of cryptocurrencies. Luckily the hacker was ethical enough to give a most, if not all (eventually) back to Poly Networks after […]