It’s Time to Call the Popeye’s Tweet a Huge Social Media Win

ICYMI, another “Twitter war” broke out last week. This episode featured Chick-Fil-A, Popeye’s and the king of Twitter wars, Wendy’s. I’ve been a long-time skeptic of these Twitter battles, as I believe they add virtually nothing from a marketing/communications perspective. The only reason I can see to even pursue such a strategy is to drum up mainstream media coverage–and man, […]

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses: An Interview with Julian Sage

The following social media marketing industry interview is with Julian Sage, Host of the Short Term Rental Success Stories podcast and Vacation Rental Machine podcast. Andrew: Do you think that Social Media Marketing is useful for small businesses? Why or why not? Julian: Social media marketing has been the backbone of our business. I started a podcast Short Term Rental […]

How to Create a Sustainability Mindset

A sustainability mindset for your business can help you think about how to make sustainability changes and decisions. This mindset will follow you everywhere once you start cultivating it. Develop the mindset at any time, whether you’re brand new to sustainability or a seasoned veteran. Creating a mindset involves looking and learning at what is around you. In creating a […]