Data-Driven Marketing: Strategy and Metrics

Marketers have been in back-to-back crisis meetings over the past few years. Hackneyed solutions reached a dead end — a long time ago. Consumption patterns are erratic, and brand loyalty is fluid like never before. For these and other woes that bedevil the marketing department, experts preach one solution — data-driven marketing. What Is Data-Driven Marketing? Why Is It Important? […]

Why Tech Should Build for Older Users as the First Customer

When asked about where he first got the idea for Fast, my co-founder Domm Holland shares it was while watching his wife’s grandmother struggle to buy groceries online after she couldn’t remember her password. She couldn’t complete an essential task because something as fundamental as paying for goods was still a frustrating and time-consuming experience. In today’s age, buying online […]

How to Set Up Microsoft 365 (Exchange) Accounts On iPhone & iPad

Set Up Microsoft 365 (Exchange) Email Microsoft 365’s corporate email, calendar, and contact services are built on top of the company’s ultra-fast ActiveSync protocol. Many small to enterprise size businesses use Microsoft 365 (Exchange) for their email services. If you happen to be one of them, we’ve drafted a how-to guide to help you set up email on your iPhone […]

Significance Over Success. Innovation Over Change. Anticipation Over Agility.

Question for all who read this: to succeed at any business venture, you merely need to have huge resources, dedicated personnel, and a quality product or service, right? From there, it’s just collecting money and living a good life. This presumption is more common than you realize, and could not be more wrong and misguided. In a world where exponential […]

Best Practices to Adopt While Working With the Remote Development Team

The creation of a cloud of terror, insecurity and bewilderment by COVID-19 surprised corporations and changed how they function around the world. Workers were compelled to work from home, which for the majority of people was something new. The unexpected break from their staff produced an uncomfortable situation. A remote development team must either duplicate or compensate for the capabilities […]

Microsoft Edge’s ‘Super Duper Secure Mode’

Microsoft’s Edge Vulnerability Research Team recently published details on a new feature in development called “Super Duper Secure Mode” (SDSM). SDSM is designed to improve security without notable performance losses. To do this, SDSM eliminates JavaScript‘s Just-In-Time (JIT) compilers, which were designed to boost page loading speeds, browser performance, but are notably exploitable by hackers. How Does It Work? When […]